Fly a Kite for Giftedness

The 20th World Conference of WCGTC will bring together people from all around the world. We would like this conference to bring together children’s creativity from all around the world, too.

WCGTC President-Elect, Leslie Graves, invites gifted children from anywhere in the world to draw, design or model colourful kites. These kites can be real and functional, or imaginary and unlikely. The main thing is to let your kite showcase your creativity. Once you have finished creating your real kite, or your kite art, please take a clear photograph, in .png or .jpg format. This photograph is what we will share with the world at the conference in Kentucky. Email your photograph to Leslie Graves, with IYGC Kites in the subject line. You may like to include your name, age, country of origin, and a sentence or two about your kite.


Kids Kites are Flying for Giftedness! All Around the World!-      Leslie S. Graves



Thanks in advance to all the children who choose to participate in this project. Your creativity will be enjoyed by everybody at our conference.


3 Responses to Fly a Kite for Giftedness

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  2. Cairn says:

    When do they need this by? I don’t think I saw a date.

    • innreach says:

      Cairn- If you would like the (your) kite submission to be part of the presentation/display at the main conference in Kentucky (Aug. 10th -14th), you would want it to be in before that, but, if it does not get in before those dates/or into that presentation, do not worry, will still be accepting and collecting Kites all the way up to the end of the year. We may use/display some of the images in posts on this site, going forward through the last four months of the year. and in other publications (such as the Newsletter).

      Also there is another future (for next year) project that may take place which would include this collection, however I can say no more about that at this time. Delighted you are thinking of contributing, and hopefully you can get something in over the nex week-10 days or so.. Thankyou for your interest.

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