2013 Celebrations & Advocacy Exchange

Advocating for/ raising awareness of gifted children can be stimulating and challenging. It can be a great way to engage with the like-minded people whom we find ourselves working alongside. However, it can also be very hard work. It’s time to share the load.

WCGTC President-Elect Leslie Graves invites you to send details of any 2013 celebrations as well as gifted awareness and gifted advocacy events in your own country. Concise information and photographs, suitable for sharing in a slide show, a blogpost or newsletter article, would be ideal. Short written reports on any celebrations, awareness and advocacy events will also be welcome.  Web links to more detailed information would also be tremendously helpful, enabling our conference delegates, and members to learn more about how your awareness and advocacy events operate. It is hoped that sharing ideas in this way, along with celebrating giftedness, talent and creativity as a community,   will also give us all some fresh strategies in our efforts to advocate for gifted children. How did you fly your kite this year?

Please email details of your 2013 celebrations, gifted awareness and advocacy events to Leslie Graves, with IYGC C&A Events/Exchange in the subject line.

Many thanks for any contribution which you are able to make.


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