#WCGTC #IYGC DR. LINDA SILVERMAN Phd, Keynote speaker, will Fly several Kites for Giftedness in Kentucky, she shares a bit about her Keynote, and many Symposiums

Lego Kite Rewi and Nathan, One Day School- New Zealand

Lego Kite
Rewi, Nathan and friends, One Day School, New Zealand

#WCGTC13 #IYGC  Linda Silverman Phd Raises her Kite for Giftedness  in Kentucky and shares some information on her Keynote and other presentations

Jazzed about the World Congress

Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D.

Dr. Linda Silverman Phd Gifted Development Centre, Colorado

Dr. Linda Silverman Phd
Gifted Development Centre, Colorado

I’m delighted to be presenting at the 20th World Council for Gifted & Talented Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, August 10th – 14th So many wonderful people gather from all over the globe to celebrate gifted children. I can’t wait to reconnect with old friends, like Leslie Graves from Ireland, President-Elect of WCGTC, and my delightful new friends from Gifted Children Denmark.

 My keynote will be on “Breakthroughs in Assessment of the Gifted,” in which I will discuss individually administered IQ tests. Do you know about the General Ability Index? Extended norms? How important it is to document when a child does not reach the discontinue criteria? How to interpret IQ test profiles? How to tell if a child is twice exceptional? If this interests you, please join me Monday, Aug. 12th, from 9 – 10 in Grand Ballroom A.

 The symposia at this Congress are, in a word, fantastic! They all sounded so enticing that I ended up participating in five of them! Have you ever wondered who is in the mysterious Columbus Group—the secret society who, 22 years ago, birthed the definition of giftedness as asynchronous development? The coming out party, “Asynchronous Development Revealed,” is on Sunday, Aug. 11th, from 1 – 3 in the Combs Chandler Room. Sunday is a big day at the Congress. I’ll be skating between this presentation and “Identifying Twice Exceptional Students in America’s Schools,” also scheduled from 1 – 3 in the Wilkinson Room. And tribute will be paid to “Annemarie Roeper: Reflections on a Global Visionary” from 10:15 – 12, in the Combs Chandler Room.

 Monday is also exciting. From 10:15 – 12, I will be participating in a discussion of “Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration: A Process of Development” in the Combs Chandler Room. And from 1 -3, “What Works? A Dialogue on Effective Advocacy for the Gifted,” in the Wilkinson Room, provides an opportunity for you to share strategies that have garnered support for gifted children in your area of the world.

 I’m looking forward to seeing you in Louisville.  Please come celebrate with us!

Linda Silverman

Zach- One Day School New Zealand-2013

Zach, One Day School, New Zealand, 2013

Come Fly with Us!

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