#WCGTC #IYGC Prodipta Hore, India – WCGTC Scholarship recipient and Math Educator, Flies a Kite for Giftedness in Kentucky

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GO Graphic, New Zealand

Prodipta Hore, India, is a WCGTC Scholarship recipient who we are delighted to have with us.  He is presenting and shares some of his experience and insights from his work in his own country.

IYGC- Prodipta-H-2013

Prodidpta Hore

Prodipta  Hore, India

Head of Faculty, Dept. of Mathematics
Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai- India

A Mathematics teacher for over two decades, who loves to work on Creativity in Math Education, and believes in making the subject interesting and understandable to all categories of students. Besides teaching students in the classroom he mentors and prepares them for different mathematical contests. He also guides and encourages his mathematically talented students to write research papers to be presented at national and international conferences.

The most effective way of giving equal opportunity and getting rid of differences among us, the Indians, is to get educated. In a democratic country like India, it is considered a fundamental right for citizens to get an education. Primary education has a lot of importance in our country; it is essential for children to get education at least through primary school.

For teachers like us, completion of syllabus on or before time and getting the best result from the students to avoid criticism from the management, is something that we are always panicked about. Though in a classroom situation we come across number of gifted students over the years, we lack extra time to give extra attention to this young lad. Our attention is mainly focused on teaching the average child with some care for the weaker students. The brighter kids, on the other hand, receive the least attention due to his own ability to excel. Neither their imaginations nor their talents are stretched to avoid the boredom of their school work. These kids spend most of their time in ordinary classrooms, get bored and finally find the school work to be dull and uninteresting. They start dwelling in the world of day dreams and become complacent, since success in school work, for them, becomes very easy. This creates a problem in later life when they face more challenging tasks. I have also noticed that these kids are generally versatile, with interests in various curricular and co-curricular activities. But lack of space, facilities and opportunities damages their spirits and dampens their talent. These kids fail to cope with the unsympathetic school and home environment, resulting in adjustment problems.

I feel gifted children should be counseled with regard to their strengths and abilities, and various areas of interest, so as to enable them to choose an appropriate field of study to be pursued as a career later on. There are many psychological tests on aptitude, personality, interests and careers, which could be of help when counseling gifted students. Career guidance at an early age can help us channelize their abilities more constructively and effectively. Along with my fellow faculty members, I would love to discover and nurture talents in the children and make them realize their potential. Parents should be made aware of their child’s true abilities, since they play the most vital role in their upbringing. Any kind of stress that gifted children undergo due to high expectations from parents, teachers and peers could be reduced with support from the same, making things a little easier at home or school. Thus a good parent teacher bonding can be instrumental in identifying more gifted children in our country.

I believe the following are the main tasks for a school community engaged in gifted education.

  • To identify their gifted and talented students.
  • To foster collaborative home-school partnerships to support gifted and talented students.
  • To provide a wide range of opportunities to their gifted and talented students.
  • To monitor and evaluate programmes selected for gifted students.
  • To select and implement a variety of teaching strategies to cater to the needs of gifted and talented students.

So it is important for me to know about coordinated programmes based on scientific research, demonstration projects, innovative strategies and similar activities designed to build and enhance the ability of elementary and secondary schools to meet the special educational needs of gifted and talented students. I also wish to get an insight into a programme that gives emphasis to serving students who are traditionally underrepresented in gifted and talented programmes, particularly economically disadvantaged, limited English proficient (LEP), and disabled students.

Unfortunately, in the present scenario, most of our schools and educators are not equipped to carry out suitable programmes to help to reduce the serious gap in achievement among certain groups of students at the highest levels of achievement. By attending this conference I expect to gain lot of knowledge and ideas about such programmes, and to get support and assistance to implement such a programme in my community, region and country.

By attending the World Conference on Gifted and Talented Students, and learning about gifted education, I believe I will be able to realize these expectations and be able to contribute to the gifted children of my community.

Prodipta Hore.

Hammish, age 10 GO Graffic

Hamish, age 10
GO Graphic New Zealand

Come fly your Kite for Giftedness with us!

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