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#WCGTC #IYGC DR. LINDA SILVERMAN Phd, Keynote speaker, will Fly several Kites for Giftedness in Kentucky, she shares a bit about her Keynote, and many Symposiums

#WCGTC13 #IYGC  Linda Silverman Phd Raises her Kite for Giftedness  in Kentucky and shares some information on her Keynote and other presentations Jazzed about the World Congress Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D. I’m delighted to be presenting at the 20th World … Continue reading

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#WCGTC13 #IYGC DONNA FORD Phd, will Fly a Kite for Giftedness, Creativity and Talent in Kentucky, for culturally different students and those in underserved communities

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children invites you to enjoy the Conference and join Donna Ford Phd, as she Flies a Kite for Giftedness, Talent and Creativity, especially for those in underserved communities such as hispanics, blacks and … Continue reading

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#WCGTC #IYGC Prodipta Hore, India – WCGTC Scholarship recipient and Math Educator, Flies a Kite for Giftedness in Kentucky

Prodipta Hore, India, is a WCGTC Scholarship recipient who we are delighted to have with us.  He is presenting and shares some of his experience and insights from his work in his own country. Prodipta  Hore, India Head of Faculty, Dept. … Continue reading

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#WCGTC #IYGC – Lisa Conrad of Global #gtchat – live global gifted chat on Twitter- Flies a kite for Giftedness…

A guest post from Ms. Lisa Conrad, Parent, Paraeducator and Gifted Advocate. Moderator of weekly live Twitter chat, Global #gtchat Powered by TAGT, a live chat attended by contributors and participants worldwide. Lisa shares some views and Raises a Kite … Continue reading

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