#WCGTC13 #IYCG Peter Csermely Keynote- Flys his Kite creatively through science for Giftedness & Talent!

.Our second guest blogpost from one of our #WCGTC13 20th Anniversary Conference presentors, Flying a Kite for Giftedness and Creativity…

Peter Csermely

President, The European Council for High Ability (ECHA),

Semmelweis University, Hungary

 Photographer: Péter Kollányi (http://peterkollanyi.com/).

Photographer: Péter Kollányi (http://peterkollanyi.com/).

One of our exciting Keynotes, Peter C a shares a little information on his presentations and sends the following message:

’Many thanks to the organisers for your extraordinarly well organized actions to make this conference- the 20th World Conference a truly nice memory!  I hope to see many friends there…!

  'A DinoMax Kite' Designed and decorated by Max (age 2.8) Ireland

‘A DinoMax Kite’
Designed and decorated by Max (age 2.8) Ireland

 The network concept of creativity and talent support

 Talent may seem to be a strictly personal property, but – in fact – a talent is never alone. We are all influenced by our social neighborhood, by the social network around us. Talents occupy and require a very special network position. A talent often belongs to everyone, but in real terms she/he does not belong to anyone. This position is called as “creative node” in network terms. If you want to know more on proper networking strategies driving you or your talented young people to be a “creative node”: come to my lecture!

 Learning and adaptation are often conceived as a straight line: at the beginning I know nothing, then I know more, and at the end I know all. On the contrary to this generally perceived view an efficient learning process has alternating  phases. Exploration of the possible solutions and options requires an increased flexibility (increased learning potential) of the complex system. However, after the exploration phase an optimization phase comes, where an increase in system rigidity (increased memory) can be observed. High level creativity (called as Creativity with capital C by Csíkszentmihályi) can be achieved by alternating flexible and rigid states. In other words: to fulfill your creative potential you need to behave as a young person in each even days and as an old person in each odd days. If you want to know more on optimal strategy to be more creative, and to induce creativity in others, come to my lecture, where I will also share the experiences of the 200,000 people participating in our talent support network in Hungary  and the experience of the growing European Talent Support Network.

Mona Chicks 2011 – under CC Licence and is part of the
Gifted Education PhotoQuotes Flickr Group

 Come fly your kite with us!

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